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The english word company has its origins in the old french term compagnie, meaning a "sociaty, friendship, intimacy;body of soldiers,"

which came from the late latin word companio "one who eats bread with you".

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IM Church Co Groups are small groups of people expecting to encounter God together and build genuine friendships.

At IM Church, we are passionate about creating an opportunity for you to experience community on a more intimate scale than what a Sunday or Wednesday service can provide. Whether you’re new or haven’t found the right Co Group for you, we want to encourage you to sign up and get involved.


Co Groups are specifically designed to make big church small and give you a place where you can meet new friends, grow in your existing relationships, and encounter Jesus together. We believe in being a Church who worships together and knows how to break bread together.


We offer in-person Co Groups and Activity Groups all around the greater El Paso area for our local community to find a group in their area. We also have Co Groups for our online community that gather by time zone.

No matter where you are in the world, there is an opportunity for you to be in community.

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